About Tommy’s House …


Kittens Tommy and Buddy at Tommy's House.

Kittens Tommy and Buddy at Tommy’s House.

The idea for Tommy’s House started many years ago with the birth of two little kittens, Tommy and Buddy in Jean’s backyard.  They were sickly so she nursed them back to health, had them neutered and vaccinated and they came to live in their new home with Linda.  The two boys did well in their new home and got along well with the other cats she had.  At age 2 1/2 years old, Tommy suddenly became seriously ill.  Linda took care off him for a  little over two weeks when he took a turn for the worse and Linda decided it was time to ”let him go to the angels”.  I was a very sad time for all involved.  That Christmas, Jean gave Linda a framed  poster size photo of Tommy.  It was at that moment that they decided they would start an animal rescue and name it after their beloved cat, Tommy…..making something good out of something sad!

1201131206aMany of the cats that have been in our care had been deemed “unadoptable” and written off. Several came from unfortunate circumstances and were in bad shape both physically and emotionally. We found that with a lot of time, patience and TLC, these cats have made great strides and now have the happy lives they deserve.

Unfortunately there is a growing number of stray/feral cats right here in our own backyard.  One of our goals is to help educate the public about spay/neuter programs and assist community members in decreasing these numbers!  It’s got to start somewhere.